Artsy, Motion Identity

Artsy’s motion identity is a reflection and adaptation of the act of viewing a work of art. As the eyes would, panning gives the viewer a more detailed look at the present work, while layering pans add a feeling of newness best suited for the latest contemporary art.

Contribution: Video/animation concept, storyboard, and execution.
'Newly Represented' — Campaign promo video
Artsy social — 'Good Eye' series
Artsy social — 'Representation Alert' series
Artsy social — 'Broken Record' series
Artsy social — 'The Artsy Radar' series
Artsy social — 'Collections' series
Artsy social — 'Culture Moment' series
The Artsy Vanguard 2021 — Promotional Video
The Artsy Vanguard 2019 — Banner Ad